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With the 1040 ValuePak tax software you’ll have two simple-to-use, flexible data entry methods for preparing tax returns — the Step-by-Step Interview Method or the Forms Method, which features exact replicas of the IRS and State tax forms. You can switch "at will" between methods and input the information your way. The choice of tax return preparation methods is yours!

The Step-by-Step Interview Method requires no specialized tax knowledge. It asks you a series of questions and guides you through the quick and accurate completion of a tax return. Based on your answers, 1040 ValuePak structures the Step-by-Step Interview so that you only answer questions that apply to your client's tax situation. As you proceed through the interview, 1040 ValuePak automatically makes most of the decisions for you regarding which tax forms, schedules, and worksheets to add to the return. The tax return is organized and calculated for you as you advance through the interview screens.


With Advise Me you'll never get stuck on a tax return!
In the Step-by-Step Interview the Navigation Pane displays each step involved in the process and automatically places a check mark beside each completed task. For help or instructions that focus on the questions on each interview screen read the blue Help text at the bottom of the screen or click the Advise Me button. Advise Me is an exclusive 1040 ValuePak feature that’s available where you may need additional help in deciphering complex IRS qualification tests, such as selecting a taxpayer's filing status or determining the qualifications of a person to be a dependent.

When you click the Advise Me button, 1040 ValuePak asks you a sub-series of interview questions and then uses your answers to suggest the best response for your taxpayer's situation. With Advise Me you get the answers you need INSTANTLY!

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Great for new employees!
Toggle Split View is an exclusive 1040 ValuePak feature that splits your screen in half and allows you to view, and ACTUALLY WORK, in both the Interview and the underlying tax forms at the exact same time! While working in the forms pane of the Split View, you can drill down to any lower level forms, schedules, or worksheets. Clicking the Back button on the Interview screen returns you to the original form that you started at.

Even if you’re an "Old Pro" at tax preparation, the Step-by-Step Interview Method will come in handy should you ever hire employees less experienced than you. The Step-by-Step Interview provides you with the tax guidance you may need along the way!

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Whether you run a single office or multiple offices, 1040 ValuePak has built-in user-friendly features that are essential for the successful tax professional. 1040 ValuePak - amazingly easy to learn - amazingly easy to use. You can rest easy with 1040 ValuePak’s unsurpassed reliability and ease of use. At WorldWideWeb Tax we don’t just build a first class tax software program, we build relationships that last a lifetime!
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