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1040 ValuePak Federal Individual tax software is comprehensive and includes Forms 1040, 1040-A, and 1040-EZ, Schedule C – Profit or Loss from Business, plus all associated forms and schedules, which are automatically added to the return as it is being prepared. 1040 ValuePak features fully integrated federal and state electronic filing and bank products. Once again this year, we were first in the nation to receive and distribute IRS Acknowledgements and bank checks - for the fourth consecutive year!

1040 ValuePak State Individual tax software includes over 1,000 forms and schedules for all 43 states with an income tax plus Florida and DC. 1040 ValuePak uses the information entered in the Federal tax return to seamlessly complete the State tax return – reducing manual data entry errors.

1040 ValuePak, the best professional tax software program on the market today, features true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) forms based data entry - Not the bizarre database entry screens that some of our competitors offer which make it next to impossible to determine where you should enter the numbers. If you can hold a Form 1040 in your hand and see where the numbers should appear, you can use our WYSIWYG tax software like an expert. Our program AUTOMATICALLY selects the correct forms for you! You don’t need to know which form to put the numbers on!

Whether you file simple Form 1040EZs or complex returns with multiple forms, schedules, and worksheets, 1040 ValuePak does most of the work for you! You’ll soon find that using 1040 ValuePak is the quickest and easiest way to prepare tax returns. In independent reviews our software regularly receives five stars for ease of learning! Isn’t it time to step up to 1040 ValuePak?

What our customers are saying… you can take their word for it!
1040 ValuePak includes these important features...
Choice of tax return preparation methods. Use either the Step-by-Step Interview Method or the Forms Method. The Step-by-Step Interview uses interview questions to guide you through the quick and accurate completion of a tax return. In the Forms Method, 1040 ValuePak decides which tax forms you need and you then fill in exact electronic replicas of the IRS and State tax forms. It’s your choice!
Easy navigation. 1040 ValuePak provides a navigation system that makes getting around easy. Navigate using screen buttons, keyboard shortcuts, menus, or right-click mouse menus.
Tax Content Help. With Tax Content Help by your side, you’ll feel confident about preparing even the most complex tax returns! Our built-in help utility uses simple F1 function key access to the Help and instructions.
Tax Estimator. A fully integrated quick refund estimator, is extremely useful in providing a client with a quick estimate of their balance due or refund amount in less than 2 minutes!
Auto Fill. Many of the data entry fields in the 1040 ValuePak include Auto Fill functions that automatically populate information. 1040 ValuePak incorporates advanced data-entry features such as automatic fill-in of city, state and county information after entering the ZIP code.
EIN Database. If you have multiple clients that work for the same employer the EIN Database is a big time saver. Just enter the EIN and it recalls employer name and address information to automatically populate a client's W-2 or 1099 information screens.
Overrides. Data can be overridden, in which case the system uses a color-coding format to readily identify overridden fields. 1040 ValuePak also offers the ability to bookmark, attach notes, and attach a detailed list to virtually any entry field. These items are brought to your attention during the review process.
Diagnostics and comprehensive error checking. The Review Return function guides you through a review checklist, identifying potential errors, missing information, overrides and other potential concerns within the return and allows you to correct errors directly on the form, all within a single split screen.
Comprehensive Asset Center. The Asset Center consolidates entries required for depreciation deductions on one screen. Depreciation automatically calculates for the most common assets or may be customized for more complicated scenarios.
Reports Center. 1040 ValuePak features a robust Report Center, allowing you to run over 80 reports on all aspects of your business.
Client Letters. 1040 ValuePak offers you a choice of pre-defined, professional client letters from which to choose – in both English and Spanish. When you print out the client letter, information from the client's federal and multi-state tax returns will merge into the appropriate fields in the letter.
Client Organizers. Simply print the Client Organizers and mail them to your clients. The Client Organizer will guide your clients through completing important tax information—saving you time when they arrive at your office.
Quickly and securely e-mail tax returns. 1040 ValuePak allows you to print a client’s tax return in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) so you may easily e-mail tax returns to your clients.
Paperless Electronic Document Storage. Printing to PDF also enables electronic storage of client returns, improving your office efficiency. It’ll reduce the amount of paper handling in your office while greatly enhancing productivity. You can access your archived tax returns at any time without even leaving your desk. Not to mention the money you’ll save on paper, toner, and storage costs!
Flexible integrated billing. 1040 ValuePak’s flexible integrated billing allows you to preset your prices and fee schedules, and generate client invoices automatically. More than just form-based billing, you may charge for multiple instances of forms, specific tax return entries or even create customized billing items.
User Security Groups. Extensive security options are available for the multi-preparer and multi-office operation. Keep your sensitive data secure by allowing or disallowing preparers to access specific areas of the program. With user security, you may prevent preparers from editing billing information, printing checks, transmitting tax returns, deleting tax returns and more.
Central Office Manager - enables you to manage, administer, and control an unlimited number of satellite offices. It provides a unique competitive advantage allowing you to grow your business from one central location. Whether you have 5 or 500 offices, Central Office Manager enables unprecedented administration, control, and management over your remote offices.
Automatic Updates. Our Automatic Updater transparently detects and updates your federal and state software with the latest tax law changes and program features automatically, overnight, even while you sleep!
Audit Shield. Taxpayers purchasing Audit Shield when the original return is E-filed can relax, confident in the knowledge that Audit Shield covers any additional taxes, interest and penalties that may result from an audit, up to a maximum of $3,000. You can increase your revenues, improve client retention, improve your ability to compete and reduce your business liability by offering Audit Shield to your clients.
and much, much more!
Absolutely the best buy on the market!
While the 1040 ValuePak may not be the cheapest tax software on the market, its features and quality make it the absolute best buy, based on performance and price. Spending a little bit extra now to get the top-of-the-line tax software program will save you lots of money and problems in the long run. With 1040 ValuePak you’ll finish tax returns in just minutes, producing more tax returns in peak season, in less time, with none of the hassles. And the faster you can get work done, the more money you stand to make. With this top quality professional tax software program you’ll be able to focus on your clients, not your computer! Our powerful automation will help free you from time consuming tasks that drain your profitability. 1040 ValuePak is packed with timesaving features that will cut hours off your administrative "back office" processing time! After all, time is money, right? Our software includes the premium features without the premium price! We think you'll agree we offer the best professional tax software product on the market today!
Our tax software builds relationships that last a lifetime!
1040 ValuePak - It’s the only program you’ll ever need for producing federal and state tax returns for your growing list of tax clients. Based on Microsoft’s TaxSaver™ technology, it’s the choice of thousands of tax return preparers coast to coast. Thousands of our users can't be wrong! At WorldWideWeb Tax we don’t just build a first class tax software program, we build relationships that last a lifetime!
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